In 2015, the number top bitcoin wallets 2016 bitcoin wallets has grown twofold exceeding 12 mln. The Austrian company Mycelium was established in 2008 — even before Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin to the world!

It was first offering hardware for decentralised message delivery and switched to operating with bitcoin soon after the cryptocurrency emerged on the market. In April 2016, Mycelium has announced a mobile wallet with updated products and functions to facilitate blockchain assets management, which is also very user-friendly with its one-screen interface. The emphasis here is made on security: the wallet users can create a backup copy of their account. The password based on 12 words seed is needed for the user to restore their bitcoins in the case of theft. Swish payment system with fully automated ordering. The wallet is available only for Android and not accessible on PC, which is a significant disadvantage.

Founded by Brian Armstrong in 2012 in San Francisco, this company is one of the most popular bitcoin wallet services in the world, despite the transaction fee. Coinbase wallet can be integrated with an account in one of US banks and allows to buy bitcoins using debit cards. It does not offer a backup copy of the account but links the wallet to Google ID. There is no key export feature in Coinbase.