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Trade Empowered is a day trading educational company owned and operated by Jason Stapleton. Jason Stapleton is a long-time day trading educational guru. Unfortunately, he is also the subject of much controversy and several shuttered trading businesses where many persons have complained and allege fraud. Jason Stapleton also claims to be some sort of ex-military commando that protected world leaders and advised them on economics, geo politics, and all manner of huff-puffery.

Neither Jason Stapleton nor any of his supposed trading educators have a verifiable track record of ever making a nickel at trading. Instead, this appears to be an education mill where the new and the naive are ramrodded through an obstacle course of magical trading products and services. Quite honestly, he is very good at what he does. And this trading nonsense is a waste of his ample talents. Pros: Jason Stapleton is a top-level communication artist.

Cons: No track record of ever trading successfully. A history of failed trading websites. A personal resume bordering the ridiculous. Thanks for reading today’s review of Trade Empowered What is Trade Empowered?