Forex for Beginners Answering all your questions about Forex! What trading forex without stop loss coverage pairs to trade in Forex?

These currency crosses are widely traded, thus providing liquidity which is needed in order to benefit from price changes. And finally, there are many Forex trading systems that are developed for trading those pairs and can be found online. Exotic and uncommon currency pairs should be avoided by novice Forex traders as some further knowledge is needed to trade such pairs successfully. Also novice Forex traders should try to avoid currency pairs which have high spreads. Spreads vary from broker to broker.

Currencies that have high spreads are more volatile, e. Also a common mistake done by many beginner traders is that they try to monitor too many currency pairs at once. Currency pairs do have their unique ways to move, react to economical events, form trends etc. By studying one currency pair at the time, Forex traders have the ability to observe its behavior and learn the ways to trade the pair even more effectively. USD – most popular pair with the lowest spread. This pair is an ideal choice for beginners, since it responds quite well to basic technical studies and rules, which traders learn in the beginning. USD is not too volatile under normal market conditions and, thus, can be traded safely with lesser risks and closer stops.