There, speak with the girl from earlier and she’ll speak wakka sphere grid strategy forex the Sphere Grid . Sphere Grid American FFX players had before.

You’ll go through the tutorial on how to use it. You’ll get to use Spheres to place nodes or activate nodes to earn their ffx expert sphere grid strategy forex, such as stat boosts or new abilities. Be sure to use it yourself! After, speak with the northwestern guy on the ship for three Potions , then examine the whitish object on the deck nearby to find Al Bhed Primer Vol. You usually have to grab about 15 or so to be able to truly fill in the blanks, though. Anyhow, speak with the girl who gave the tutorial again to dive underwater.

As a notable footnote, when you dive in the water, you can approach the Salvage Ship again and press the Square Button to be let back on it. Potions again for three more Potions, then do it again ad infinitum until you’re full of Potions. As a footnote to this footnote, though, I’ve gotten word that this glitch does not work in versions released in the U. This is for Premium users only Why not join us today? He’ll hand over the Al Bhed Primer Vol. Chocobo Eater Let’s begin with a brief description of this fight’s battlefield. Die von Ihnen gewünschte Seite ist temporär nicht erreichbar.