Dodd Frank What does spread mean in forex trading 7 Dodd-Frank Wiki Page Could the U. A is on a fast tract to be at the bottom of the world.

Example how Dodd Frank is forced on the U. Citizen in what should help the common U. Citizen but acually hurts the U. I am going to use Forex Markets as the example but this can be any market.

Houes, Cars, Boats, Airplanes, Land, Stocks, Indexs, even stuff like cattle! FIFO Rule as applyed to Forex Forex is not futures, stocks, indexs or any other kind of market! There’s absolutely no reason to have FIFO as it should never be use in any market. Lets say a computer is doing algorithmic trades and has 100, 200, or 300 orders on an account.

Exiting positions in the exact manner that they were entered, in such situation, is impossible. Why should any trader have to exit positions in the same order as they were entered? Leverage as related to Forex Increased leverage IS NOT correlated to increased risk. The regulators force members to say that an increase in leverage is an increase in risk. This is mathematically and logically incorrect. Increase in leverage MAY increase risk, however it is NOT CORRELATED!

For example, if your use of the leverage is for hedging purposes, in this scenario, increased leverage DECREASES risk. PAMM PAMM stands for Percent Allocation Management Module. The problem is for Forex managers, trading many client accounts as one. FXCM, Oanda, and Gain Capital have a Monopoly on retail FOREX. If you are left in the U. Broker Dealers The NFA is no more an FOREX regulator than FINRA.

FOREX should be regulated on a banking level, perhaps by the Federal Bank. It was thought that currencies are financial commodities, and since FOREX futures were already offered at the CME, the CFTC seemed to be the natural regulator for FOREX. Intimidating Foreign Brokers There isn’t any law that strictly prohibits a retail U. Companies from opening a foreign FOREX account. Confessions of an Economic Hitman, they simply do not allow U. The rules don’t apply to the one per centers or in FOREX LINGO QEPs, ECPs.

Leverage still applies, but ECPs can easily open accounts in London, Singapore, and Sydney legally and circumvent all these rules which are guaranteed to choke any U. Why did Dodd Frank make all these silly rules? The reasoning was, that because FOREX frauds used these tools, they should be eliminated. Dodd-Frank in general has not cleaned up a lot of the fraud, just made it worse. A managed reporting system such as the NFA uses for RFEDs like FORTRESS but for CTAs, Hedge Funds, and other CPOs who choose to participate in the verified reporting system.

One of the largest frauds has to do with financial reporting, more specifically, the misreporting of performance numbers. What would be the effect on the markets if these suggested changes were implemented? A Billions of dollars it not Trillions of dollars would flow back to USA to be held by institutions in New York, Chicago, Charlotte, Los Angeles, and others. Intellectual Growth Instead of a new growth industry of algorithmic FOREX taking off in foreign countries, it would happen right here at home in Charlotte, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, and in other trading centers. FOREX market will be more stable. Also, it is critical that the United States take a global role in administrating FOREX markets, because of the USD world reserve status.

Swing traders tend to trade the daily charts and  some may even get down to the shorter time frame charts to chose a good entry or exit that can be found using price action techniques. A losing trader can do little to transform himself into a winning trader. A losing trader is not going to want to transform himself. Some swing traders will look at the much larger time frames like the monthly and the weekly to see what the general long term swing is and if there is a possibility of an upswing or downswing happening as price nears major swing points, then they will generally get down to the smaller time frames to choose the perfect entry in line with what they see on the much larger time frames.

I use will not be suitable for you because your trading personality is different from mine. Sheer will and determination is no substitute for something that actually works. So are you looking for the best Forex trading strategies for swing trading? Learn to follow the price action and use technical analysis-if you want to be a swing trader, this pretty much forms the core of what swing traders do. Learn to work with the trend-swing traders are generally good trend traders. They learn how to spot trends happening and getting in at the very beginning of the trend of if they are late, they wait for a swing point to enter whilst the trend is still in progress along the way. Learn to trade against the trend.

That’s a skill many swing traders take time to get used to. Many traders think that swing trading is all about trading with the trend, this is not the case. A swing trader can take a trade that is against the trend at a swing point that he knows price will move from there against the main trend. You will will see many swing trading strategies here that will have this character. Learn about candlesticks-these will help you see the market sentiment and make your trading decisions easier. Learn to draw and use the trendlines-you will be amazed how price reacts to trendlines.