Вы уверены, что хотите видеть эти твиты? Твиттер использует эту информацию, чтобы сделать вашу ленту лучше. Bitcoin: the next big thing, or no? Bitcoin is the world’s yahoo news bitcoin dangerous idea.

We report on bitcoin exchanges, merchants, regulation, mining and prices. If you have a bitcoin news tip, email us. 6,000 mark, but will likely fare better other cryptocurrencies. Banks in South Korea are now required to monitor all accounts held by crypto exchanges following a tightening of anti-money laundering measures. Huobi Pro is to stop offering trading services to investors living in Japan, reportedly over its lack of a license in the country. The crackdown of vendors on darkweb marketplaces lets the U.

4,000 bitcoins and now it wants to confiscate all of them. Hong Kong’s banking regulator is planning to widen its works on cross-border trade finance using distributed ledger technology. Dogecon, a conference about “the social layer of crypto culture”, took place last weekend and people on social media have only good things to say. Japan’s top financial official is cautious about the idea of his nation changing how it taxes gains from cryptocurrencies. Now, at least some, crypto advertisers will find that they can post crypto ads on Facebook – if they are approved through an application process.

Florida’s chief financial officer has created a new “crypto czar” to oversee regulation of the cryptocurrency and ICO space. Japan has confirmed that it is entering the crypto space by acquiring a stake in a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that is already licensed by the country’s financial regulator. The company plans to launch a crypto exchange in the fall of this year. Founded in January 1996 as a joint venture between Yahoo! Japan continues to dominate the Japanese internet industry while Yahoo! CMD Lab Representative Director Yoon Hee Yuan confirmed.