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I have been building a new bag this year and in so doing have begun to explore different shaft options for both the irons and woods. I had a similar experience trying the Fujikura Blur in 55g weight. So my question Is it possible to have too light of a shaft? Is there an offsetting characteristic to the weight, like stiffness, that will bring a too light shaft back into a performant mode? Quote: I regard golf as an expensive way of playing marbles. Kamui Pro TP-07 Nitro Foam – Ratis Touale S-Yard T388 TRPX Air Tourstage X-FW Type T 12. Diamana b70s PRGR Egg HD 14.

I hears an interesting comment during the open re Garrigus. Are they referring to smash factor? Garrigus, he probably more towards heavy gear? SS was much faster but i constanltly hit the bottom of the face of the club. 75sx shaft and started middling the balll so much more consistantly. 2 months ago and they put the 83 gram crazy 50 sigma in my driver.

6 matches now i realise its not so crazy. 325g plus is much better for me than one at 310. 83 is the right weight for me. There’s a thing in the head of all players regardless of skill level, provided they have been playing long and often enough. It’s a comfort zone wherein just holding the club lets you know it’s right for you, and it’s not the same for all players even if they are the same size, weight or strength. I agree that for some people a heavier shaft can be better, but God help me, I cannot find a formula that makes predicting what works for whom possible.

It’s a hit and miss thing for me even with myself as the subject. I think we all need to find our own way in this matter. However, there is a range involved and we need not be as precise as all that. Experience will probably be the best teacher. Do you think that the same shaft will perform comparably in a similarly weighted and shaped head, given launch angle will be different? So are you sticking with the heavier weighted shafts now? The thing that struck me with the super light shaft was how good it felt to hold and swing, so I don’t think it was a mental issue.

In talking with my fitter for a little while, we decided to tip it and add an extension for length. The effect should be to stiffen the flex some and see if that brings the timing of the shaft release back into synch with my swing. So I got a probable answer, going lighter might require a change in flex to facilitate the properly timed release of stored energy from the shaft. Maybe the heaviest that can be swung the fastest with control will give the biggest bang.